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The multi-func­tional mission boot Zephyr GTX HI TF is a veritable classic. The comfortable boot with the high upper is widely known for its pleasant fit and distinct design. It is the boot of choice for anyone who is looking for a robust, multi-faceted boot that offers well-considered func­tionality. Thanks to its elevated and stable upper made of a durable combination of suede leather and fabric, the ZEPHYR GTX HI TF provides excep­tional support and grip on a large range of terrains. Thanks to its GORE-TEX membrane, the boot can also take on missions in very wet areas. The light­weight design with the distinctive STABILITY FRAME defines the look of the boot and high­lights the long-term wearing comfort provided by this proven task force classic.

Weight: 1240 g/Pair (UK 8)

Special missions are law enforcement operations conducted by tactical units on variable terrain for the purpose of fighting terrorism, rescuing hostages and enforcing arrest warrants. Footwear worn during special missions has particular features that enable it to meet the variable requirements of such operations in the best-possible way. These critical features include high agility created by moderate upper and sole rigidity, multidirectional soles for fast changes of direction and low weight for fast-paced missions.

High agility – The boot’s upper and sole stiffness do not limit the user and have been opitmised for fast movements.

Multidirectional sole – The multidirectional sole provides the foot with the support it needs during fast movements without limiting manoeuvrability.

Lightweight – The lightweight design significantly increases the footwear’s dynamics.

The Zephyr GTX HI TF is equipped with a Lowa Rubber outsole. Conceived by Lowa to meet the challenges of real-world use, the profile design is made from an optimised rubber compound. The result is a rubber outsole with good traction in the backcountry and off trail.

The Lowa Cross equipped with. special profile design provides solid grip on a range of different surfaces. The self-cleaning sole profile is designed for both paved and unpaved terrain.

With the LOWA-MONOWRAP® frame, the midsole of the ZEPHYR GTX HI TF provides the very best comfort. This three-dimen­sional midsole design was developed by LOWA in 1995. The frame comfortably cradles the foot and support it when the shoe wearer ventures across uneven surfaces. The sole design is slightly raised for shoes with a STABILITY FRAME.

  • Good guidance for the foot
    The foot is optimally nestled into the shoe thanks to the frame’s three-dimen­sional design.
  • Increased comfort
    The special midsole design ensures snug footing in the shoe. The foot is pleasantly cradled by the three-dimen­sional frame.
  • Light­weight
    The LOWA-MONOWRAP® is made of a plastic called poly­urethane. It is a very light­weight material.

To provide effective cush­ioning and improved comfort, the sole of the ZEPHYR GTX HI TF is bonded to the upper in a tech­nically demanding injection process. The upper boot is placed into a specially designed mould. Various layers of PU foam padding are then poured into it. In the process, the sole and upper are bonded together.

  • Light­weight
    This process uses a plastic called poly­urethane. It is a very light­weight foam padding.
  • Cush­ioning
    The plastic called poly­urethane is a foam padding that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties. The plastic retains its form and springs back to its original condition even when its millions of tiny bubbles are frequently pressed together. This, in turn, creates a good rebound effect.
  • A wide range of design options
    Thanks to direct injection, the sole can be designed in a very large number of ways. The multi­faceted prop­erties of the materials used enable the shoes to be effective in a broad number of areas.

Upper height meas­urement according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: 200 mm
Upper height outside: 210 mm
Upper height inside: 175 mm
Design according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: C (Boot Medium High)

Approx. 80%
Suede leather

Suede leather comes from the flesh side of the hide. It has a looser fibre structure, a quality that creates a velvety surface and a light pile. Suede leather is partic­ularly durable and open-pored. Depending on the desired look, suede leather can remain untreated or be oiled or waxed.

Approx. 20%

Our natural and synthetic fabrics facilitate optimal warming and moisture management with the help of their usage-specific char­ac­ter­istics. Thanks to their structural design, they are smooth and make our products extremely comfortable.

Approx. 20%

Felt is a textile fabric that is made of disordered fibrous material that is difficult to separate. The textile fabric is char­ac­terised by its high elasticity and its insu­lating qualities. As a result, it is used in particular as a component in insoles and as an insu­lating divider.

Approx. 70%

Poly­ethylene is a semi-crys­talline and non-polar ther­mo­plastic resin that is, by far, the most widely used plastic in the world. Poly­ethylene is used in part as a component of man-made fibre/blended fabrics. It is used primarily to create comfort and insulate the foot from below.

Approx. 10%

Our natural and synthetic fabrics facilitate optimal warming and moisture management with the help of their usage-specific char­ac­ter­istics. Thanks to their structural design, they are smooth and make our products extremely comfortable.

Lowa size table: https://lowa.com/products/size-table

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