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Cyalume CyPouch black

Cyalume CyPouch black

49.90(VAT 21% Included)


Security guaranteed

CyPouch tactical holder

The answer to the question of “how do I have my lightsticks instantly accessible and protected ?”  has now been found thanks to the new Cyalume designed CyPouch.

Cyalume lightsticks are photosensitive, an extended exposure to ultraviolet light will affect the performance and decrease the lightstick’s effectiveness when activated.

In tactical environments the users of Cyalume lightstick’s  need to prepare their equipment before commencing their mission.  Now thanks to CyPouch, the individual foils protecting the 6”  and 4″ lightstick’s can be removed in advance to save those precious seconds for when it matters.  They can be stored within the CyPouch as an easy to reach,  protected, accessible marker separated by colour or size by simply using the metal loading rings and/or the internal and external elastic loops.  The CyPouch can be configured in a bundle format by attaching it vertically, or as a holster, by attaching it horizontally with its MOLLE fasteners.

  • Compact
  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy and quick to reload
  • MOLLE Fastener / Attachment
  • Easy instant access
  • Lightstick performance preserved

With its simple and efficient operation principle, CyPouch is ideal for the user ! This tactical pouch can also be used in “Cyalume Bundle” configuration as well as in “Cyalume Holster” configuration.

-Max capacity +/- 20 lightsticks (Interior: 6” lightsticks x 5 + 4” lightsticks x 9; Outside: 6 lightsticks)
-4” and 6” Lightsticks compatibility (10cm and 15cm)
-Fast and easy use with one hand and when wearing gloves
-MOLLE Fastening

-Abrasion resistant, water-repellent fabric, Ripstop 450D
-Double YKK® zipper Gauge 10
-3 reusable metal rings
-Internal/ external elastic loops
-Metal eyelet for water flow

-Dimensions: 195 x 70 x 75 mm (LxWxH)
-Empty weight: 90 g

Technical features of CyPouch Cyalume holder:

  • Abrasion resistant, water-repellent fabric, Ripstop 450D
  • Double YKK® zipper Gauge 10
  • Reusable metal rings (x3)
  • Internal / external elastic loops
  • Metal eyelet for water flow
  • Max capacity +/-20 lightsticks*
  • 4’’ and 6’’ Lightsticks compatibility (10cm and 15cm)
  • Available colors: Black
  • Other colors: Multicam, NATO Green, Dark blue on request

OPENED CYPOUCH : «Bundle» configuration

  • Custom load your CyPouch to suit your task/mission by choosing which sizes and colors of lightsticks (visible/IR) thanks to the metal rings and elastic loops
  • Firmly grasp the lightstick and pull down to release it from its attachment
  • Then simply activate and deploy the lightstick

CLOSED CYPOUCH: «Holster» Configuration

  • Custom load your CyPouch Holster to suit your task/mission by choosing which sizes and colors of lightsticks (visible/IR) thanks to elastic loops and central compartment
  • Metal rings not used
  • Then simply activate and deploy the lightstick



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